As most of my friends and family know I love anything fitness and love to try new healthy recipes. If you asked me if I like chocolate I would say no and I regularly eat oatmeal and berries for breakfast. I consider myself healthy and a fitness addict. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. Here is what I have learned from other bloggers, youtubers and my friends about staying healthy and living a good lifestyle.

  1. Exercise regularly. This is an obvious one but its true! You have to go on runs or walks weekly (daily would be best) and remember to also tone up. If you run everyday but never us weights you might be thin but you will not get any muscle! I go to track 3 times a week where we run and strength train but on my days off I run on the treadmill and do Pilates to stay in shape and keep the body I want.
  2. Eat healthy. You cannot assume just because you exercise that you are going to get your dream body. I learned from Blogilates that your physique is determined 80% on what you eat, the other 20% is genetics and your workout. I love her Cheap Clean Eats videos and she also has an amazing YouTube channel!
  3. Listen to your body. I was watching Sjana Earp on YouTube and I found out that you can train yourself to listen to your body and not eat unless your body is telling you to! I believe that everyone needs to hear this because it can help you save weight. She said that she does not eat unless she knows she is hungry. I have started doing this because I love to snack and often eat calories I don’t need. I only eat something if it is time to eat a meal (breakfast, lunch or supper) or if my stomach is growling. If I do have a snack it is usually a smoothie, a piece of fruit or a healthy scone. If you are used to eating a lot and regularly you may have to ease into this healthy routine and remember not to make yourself sick or push yourself too hard!
  4. Stay positive. I know this sounds cliche but seriously! Think good thoughts and surround yourself with positive people.  It really does make a difference.  When you have good and encouraging friends, you are happier and radiate positive vibes creating others to be happier to. No one likes to be around downers but we do have to remember to be kind to everyone (especially as Christians).
  5. Actually do it. I know for me, when I watch youtubers talk about being healthy and their fitness routine I yawn and think well of course they are saying this they are sponsored and they want people to think they are amazing. But they are serious most of the time! We cant be lazy and dream of being fit and healthy we have to GO FOR IT! So I say to you, you can do it, believe in yourself! Most of this is mental. Never give up and you will have that dream body of yours one day doing what you love-exercising and eating healthy. It does become super fun especially when you send sweaty snapchats to your friends and they are jealous of your gorgeous colourful food.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still eat a treat a day and love my sugared candy but it is good to limit yourself. I am sure you will feel good about yourself when you go for that orange instead of lemon meringue tart. I know I always do and never regret it! Share your #sweatyselfie with us on Twitter or Facebook and tag us in your healthy food pics on Instagram. Have a fabulous week and I will talk to you next Tuesday 🙂 xoxo marley


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