High School Life Hacks

Since Vienna and I are going into our second year in High School I feel like we have had enough experience and a few tips and tricks to share.


  1. Make lots of friends in the first week of school. Every year I tell myself I am going to make at least 3 new friends and I do! It is so fun introducing yourself to someone and seeing them in the halls for the rest of the year knowing you were outgoing. Many new people don’t know where to go or are nervous about fitting in, so if you talk to them they will feel special!
  2.  Know your teachers. If you are answering questions and being obedient you will most likely have the teacher on your side and get good grades. I happen to be one of the loud people… If your teacher doesn’t allow phones in class- don’t bring yours! If he or she hates it when you chew gum- don’t! Take mental notes when they tell you their favourite Starbucks drink or flavour of mentos so you can surprise them in the morning and they will be in a good mood!
  3.  Plan your outfits. Most people make their outfits the night before to save time, I also write mine down and take pictures for the week. I happen to like my beauty sleep and freak out in the mornings when I have “nothing to wear”. We all know that one (hey girls?)
  4.  Eat a good breakfast. I know lots of people are in a rush in the morning so they don’t usually eat the most important meal of the day but hey it’s called that for a reason! Breakfast is not only good for your body but helps your brain flow while you’re at school. I also heard that if you don’t eat breakfast, there are many bad side effects but one caught my attention. If you don’t eat breakfast your chances of gaining weight are very high because you will most likely snack a lot during the day because you are still hungry. We don’t eat while we sleep so your body is still fasting and and not eating will bother your blood sugar balance.  You don’t want diabetes do you?
  5.  Make cute school supplies. Not only does this save money but then you will have personalized and unique decor! From DIY notebooks to locker chalkboards, (click here for our post on that) people will love to hang out by your locker and you will be proud.
  6.  Bring a beverage. Drinking a lot is key. My friends and I brought our plastic Starbucks cups every day last year and made a goal for how many cups to drink to stay hydrated. Especially in the winter with the cold air- our lips get dry and everyone starts to get sick. Not anymore!
  7.  Keep a change of clothes in your locker or gym bag. If it is ever too hot or cold in the school or if you get in trouble for what you are wearing (yes that does happen at my school), you are covered. A hoodie is especially a great idea.
  8. Always have backup. You know how at school everyone seems to lose their only pencil? You will be the awesome person who has extras. I have a stash in my locker of paper, pens, pencils and erasers in my locker because they are super important in school and always run out.
  9.  Mirror. Everyone’s locker needs a mirror. After lunch you can check your teeth. After coming inside from an outdoor class, check your hair. Lips are dry? Put on lip-gloss and don’t miss your mouth by accident.
  10.  Last but not least, stay positive. Nobody likes Debby downer or Wendy the worry wart, so put a smile on your face and look at your day with hope. You might not love all your classes, but sit near a friend and take notes to stay focused. This helps me a lot! Especially when I use colourful pens. I remember what I am writing about and have fun learning. Making cue cards is another brilliant idea that we do in high school. Write the question on one side and the answer on the other and BAM you will ace your test (hopefully). Go through your cue cards and make a correct pile and an incorrect pile so you know what to study more.

And don’t sweat the small stuff. Your outward appearance will be forgotten in years to come, but if you are super kind and pretty on the inside, people will remember you. I hoped these helped! If you have any questions about school or friends, direct message us on Instagram @basicbloggerss or email us hello@basicbloggerss.com we love hearing from you!