6 School Essentials

e1907a2463aa4edaac3bb0c5b408bd28.jpg_srb_p_305_230_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbHappy Saturday! Today I was thinking that I would share with you the notorious list. DunDunDa. Ok, the reason why there are so many lists that I write is because I just love how simple they are but, sometimes I do feel like I should put more effort into my posts. Have you seen Marley’s???? Now they are a work of a genius not kidding. Back to the point of this post, I want to share with you a #b2swithbb where I tell you my back to school necessities. These might not be the normal things that you would think of like pencils, pens, and a ruler. These are things that I find that I need a lot of the time and seem to forget or not remember till half way through the year.

  1. Perfume. I use this all the time after gym. It is a must have especially if you forgot to bring your deodorant with you that day. I also love to spray my perfume after lunch and then again after school to just give it a boost. My favourite is to get the travel size body mist from Bath and Body Works; they fit perfect in al locker.
  2. Deodorant. You can’t use your perfume to mask the smell all the time. In my experiences perfume might help for 5 minutes but after that it just is worse than before. You can always get a mini deodorant to put in your gym bag so that you don’t forget.
  3. Gum/Mints. These are always an essential for me. What happens when you rush out the door and forgot to brush your teeth? Stick a piece of gum in there. Ate something with garlic in it? Pop a mint in there. Just remember to hide your stash from your peers unless you want to have to restock every week. One time when I was in the States at a gas station I found mini packs of gum, they were sooooo cute.
  4. Headphones. For all you people in highschool these can be quite useful. I like to stick them in my pencil pouch and then if I ever have a working class where we can listen to music I can just pop them out and everything is good. Just make sure that you have some way to store them nicely so that they don’t get all tangled in with your pencils.
  5. A Water Bottle. You won’t believe how many times I have been at school and become super thirsty. I am one of those people who hate water fountains so that is a no go. That leaves me with water bottles. The way to remind yourself to bring that bottle to school is to find a really cute water bottle to show off to your friends.
  6. Last but not least, A good playlist. This is always good to have when you are doing homework, that you can listen to music a concentrate on at the same time. This is where you can pile all your favourite music finds and relax and have the best possible time you can while doing homework. Maybe next time I should share my favourite music…

Thank you guys for reading this post where I shared my top 6 odd necessities for school. Make sure to tell us your back to school necessities with the hashtag #b2swithbb. Xoxo Vienna