DIY chalk&cork boards

DIY chalk&cork boards 026

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Hello people of the internet! Since it is almost time for school again (mixed feelings for me), and some of you may even be in school already, I decided to do a simple yet cute and easy DIY to help decorate your lockers. If you’re not in school, these also look cute hanging on your wall. Here are 2 ideas to spice up your school year: a chalkboard and a cork-board.


First you will need

  1. Take the frames apart and squeeze paint onto a tray for painting. IMG_8769
  2. Paint your frame with 3 coats letting each coat dry in between (use a hair dryer to speed this process).
  3. While the frame is drying, decide if you want to make it a chalk board or cork board.  For the chalk board, paint the glass piece with the chalkboard paint (2-3 coats).  For a cork board, use the glass to measure the cork sheets to cut out (they will replace the glass).IMG_8772IMG_8777
  4. When everything is dry and ready you can assemble your masterpiece! Put on any decor that your heart desires.
  5. Hot glue your trusty magnets on the back of the frame so it can stick to your locker (you will need to pull off the piece that makes it stand up as a frame, if it’s connected).IMG_8784
  6. And you’re done! Make sure to share this with your friends so you can all have sassy lockers this year <3

If you recreate this piece be sure to share it with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @basicbloggerss. We love you all and have a great school year!