Hey Guys! I just got back from being a camp L.I.T. and it was one of the best times of my summer. Today I wanted to share with you my 5 summer closet essentials. They are very basic and without them I don’t know what I would wear. I hope that this gives you some inspiration for your summer wardrobe and some ideas if you don’t have them. And I know that I have made a few lists lately but I think that this could really help.

1. Jean shorts~these are a must have. They go with everything and there are many different styles. There is high waisted, low cut, dark, light, ripped, not ripped. They are so versatile, the best summer bottoms.

2. Patterned Shirts~they are nice to pair with any plain shorts if the colours match. They make the whole outfit complete and are just perfect for summer.

3. Fun mirrored sunnies~if you don’t have these you are missing out! They make every outfit that I wear feel more summery. They are so easy to find and I love them.

4. A Flowy Dress~this makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. You can throw it on and you have a full look that is nice and flowy for summer.

5. Jean Jacket~this is a piece that is easy to throw on any summery outfit without making is seem like you should be wearing it in winter. I love it when they are distressed looking too. It is a good thing to bring when you get cold.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 must haves of mine and I know that there could be many more but these are some of my staple pieces for summer.




Written by Vienna