Canada Day is just around the corner are you excited!? I know that I am excited. I know that many people like to host and go to parties on July 1st so I decided to create a cute d.i.y. type gift to give to either the guests of the party as a party favour or you could create it for a gift to give to the host. I was able to pick up all the productes I got at Michaels if you were wondering where you could purchase everything but I we are not sponsered by them. In this gift you could put whatever you like inside but I decided to give you a few ideas!

What I used: 

~ a jar cup

~ mini red and white pom poms

~ Canada style patches

~ glow sticks

~ starbursts(or any candy that has either red or white)

~ mini clothes pins

~ mini picture of your choice

Then I just put the products inside however I liked and that was it. It was simple and pretty cheap I believe that it cost me $30 with extra things left over. i hope you enjoy it and try this out. If you do, don’t forget to tag us in our social media!


Written by Vienna