Dutch Braid Bun


Hey Guys, yesterday I thought that it would be fun to film a little hair tutorial for you! When we started filming we thought that we could use an editing app but, it turned out we couldn’t so that is why the quality is not the best. I love the hair style and I hope you do too! If you need some extra instructions I will write them down below.

What you will need:

small hair elastic

large hair elastic


bobby pins


 The first step is creating a side part. The dutch braid will not work nicely unless you can do it across most of your head. Then dutch braid down as far as you like then tie it off. After you do that take the rest of your hair and the other braid and normaly braid that down to the bottom of your hair. When you are done take the braid and wrap it around itself into a bun. Pin it together and you are done!