DIY Monogram Mug


Before you get started you will need:

Once you have the stencil you would like, place it on the mug where you would like it and pick out a colour. I started with small dots close together then gradually spread the polka dots out more. Near the end I drew a few randomly outside the lines for texture and creativity. 


Next wait for the marker to dry and carefully peel of the letter stencil. I then took the plant out of its original planter and stuck it in the mug. If the soil doesn’t go all the way to the top you may have to break it or pour some more in. 


This is a great gift for friends or teachers or a cute as desk decor. Hope you liked it! If you re-create this mug/flower planter feel free to direct message us on instagram @basicblogggerss or tweet us @basicbloggerss.