5 Simple Exercise Ideas

As you all may have noticed I may not be the sportiest person; I like to stick with fashon type post but today I thought it would be fun to try something new. If your read my post all about me I love to dance! In certain dance classes we do some pretty intense workouts, if I do say so myself, and I thought that maybe some of you guys that don’t go to a gym or those who don’t feel super athletic could try.

1. Squats. I love squats, they are a great workout and make your legs and butt look nice. hehe. I usually do around 200 of these when I work out but if you don’t workout much, feel the burn then try for 50 more!

2. Crunches. These are good to do if you want to get that six pack you always wanted, but that is only step one. If you don’t want a six pack just strech out your stomach after. These make me feel so fit after and I love them. With these do whatever feels right for you at that moment.

3. Running. What is the point in getting all that muscle if you can’t show it off? You can do 100 crunches a day but not see results as fast as you can if you go on a run. It doesn’t have to be long either, just long enough to burn those calories.

4. Skipping. This is a fun easy way to get a workout. I remember when I was little skipping for hours  but, this is not just for little kids. If you don’t feel like going on a run go skipping!

5. Pushups. These are a good way to build up your arm strength. I am the person who does like ten real pushups then stops because my arms are sore but a bunch of the girl (modified) pushups work too. If you want to try something harder with pushups do a burpee. This is when you do a pushup, go into a squat type thing, then jump up, and repeat.

These are some really simple things that I like to do and when you do crank some music to get you more pumped! Don’t get frustrated if you can do that many of each without hurting, you got to start somewhere right? Also remember that the most important step to a healthy lifestyle it eating healthy!