Latley I have really been in a crafty mood from watching the videos on how to make things, to actually making things. Today I decided to show you two different things to spice up your room. They are both very simple because I am not really good at making things but they look really nice.

Project #1. I really enjoy reading and I love displaying my books but I don’t like the colours with my room. This d.i.y. lets you put your books on display but in a way that matches whatever colours your room are.

What you will need:

~nice paper, I chose purple because that is my room accent




~lots of time

 Then what I did was take the books and line them up the way I want them. This is important if you have different sized books and/or different colour paper because you don’t want the same paper together or the same size books all together.

 Next you want to take your books and measure the paper you want it and cut it.

 If the paper is not long enough just take some tape and tape the sides. It doesn’t really matter where the paper ends on the book, the main place that needs to be covered is the spine. And that is it! I think that is looks really nice.

 Craft #2. I saw this d.i.y. on youtube and it looked really fun so I decided why not, lets try it. It is a galaxy in a jar and it is really pretty.

What you will need:

-cotten balls

-acrylic paint(4 colours)


-a jar



-mixing stick

Take the paint and put it in a container filled with water. The more that you put in the water the more pigmented the galaxy will be.

 Next put the cotton balls in the jar. Make sure to measure out how much of each colour you want.

 Next pour the colours in the order that you want. make sure not to add to much water and make it look soupy.

 Then to add the final touch in between add so glitter and just repeat the last step with other colours. That is it, it is really easy and super cute. And that is it. I hope that you like them and try them out. If you do tag us on Instagram @basicbloggerss 😉




Written by Vienna