Camping Essentials


Summer is just around the corner and during the summer lots of people like to go camping. And for those who have never gone you should go because camping is the best thing ever in the summer. Anyways, I am definatly one of those people who loves camping so I thought that I would share some of my camping essentials. And lots of these things are not necessary they are just nice to have around.

My Camping Essentials:

~Friends. I feel that almost anything is better with friends but that could also just because I and friend and family oriented. I think that having friends with you while your camping gives you a little more to do than just being with your family, not to say anything bad about just camping with your family too.

~Hot Chocolate. I think of this as an essential because it is not the same waking up without something warm to drink. I also like to drink this instead of coffee so that I don’t become a coffee addict anytime soon and coffee doesn’t help with my water intake either.

~Games. Games are always a good think to bring so that you don’t get bored. It is also a good thing to do for quiet time.

~Marshmallows. No campfire is complete without a good marshmallow roast simple as that! I just don’t feel that anyone has had the full camping experience without having at least one s’more.

~Music. Good music is always important when sitting at the fire just to have in the background. It is like when you are at a restaurant or a fancy dinner, it just helps create the atmosphere.

~A Camera. It didn’t happen if you didn’t take a picture right? It is always a good idea to capture all the beautiful moments during the trip. That is one of my favourite essentials. I especially love looking back on old camping experiences.

~Fun. Nothing is enjoyable if somebody is not having fun period Exclamation point.! It may not always be clean fun but it is always good to get down in the dirt once in a while.