OH MY GOODNESS GUYS it’s almost summer! I seriously can’t believe it. It feels like school just started and now we only have 3 weeks left…then exams! Since Vienna and I are teenagers, we really like to shop and spend money. I have been thinking about all the free time I will have this summer and what to fill my days with. A good idea for me is to get out of the house and find something productive to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Netflix and chilling with friends! But I do want to be able to afford the new trends this coming school year.  Here are a few ways that we can earn some CA$H if you are too young for a job at the mall, your parents work and can’t drive you there, or you want some flexibility…

1. Berry picking! I did this last summer and swore to myself I would never pick again but in reality I made a few hundred dollars in 9 days and got super tanned! I was proud. 🙂

2. Pop stand. I know this sounds dumb maybe, but a couple kids by my house have created one and a lot of people stop for some cold pop and freezies these days.

3. Babysitting. This can be tiring and alot of people do babysit so it is harder to find work but when you know the right people it’s great!! 

4. House sitting. Whenever my family goes away we always ask my grandma to come take care of our house and watch our animals which leads me to my next point:

5. Pet sitting. I love animals so this would be a fantastic job for me. 🙂  For the most part you just walk their dog or feed their cat and you get paid! Doesn’t that sound nice?

6. Cleaning around the house. Sometimes when I’m desperate for a job I will wash windows, baseboards, mirrors or vaccuum for my mom. Ask to do some “spring cleaning” like washing out the cupboards or reorganizing the pantry.

7. Selling your stuff-Go through all your old toys- and clean your room while you’re at it 😉 This is sort of like organizing but not haha. Then you can have a garage sale or sell them online through bidding wars or to younger siblings. 

8. Organize. Sometimes my grandma pays me to come over and organize her drawers. Even my sisters pay each other to do little easy jobs that they are too lazy to do. 

9. Baking. A simple idea to make money is to bake! Maybe make some cookies or cupcakes and sell them around your neighbour hood for$1 or something. You could even cook a meal or two for you family and they would be so surprised and happy (you don’t have to charge anything). 

10. Massages.One of my little sisters is really good at giving massages and she used to want to be a massage therapist so she would charge $.50 for 5 minutes (CHEAP YAY). You could definately charge more though.  Most of the adults would tip her 2$!!

Have a great summer! And I hope you get out of the house and earn some cash 🙂


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