Thoughts on Pitch Perfect 2

Ok  I have a confession to make…I have watched Pitch Perfect 2 twice in the past week since it came out last Friday. hehe. I have watched Pitch Perfect so many times and I have never laughed so hard at one movie so many times. The second Movie is just as funy if not more, although I would never recommend this movie for the whole family. I definatly have somewhat of a cultural diverse family so some of the rasist jokes that the characters made during the movie made me fell a bit uncomfortable. As usually Fat Amy was my favourite character! The whole movie is set three years later when everyone is about to graduate University when Fat Amy gives them a show that they will never forget. The only way that the Barden Bellas can ever compete again is if the can beat the German team, Das Sound Machine, in the Wold Championships. For some reason Becca is being quite distant with the group. In other Pitch Perfect news They invite a new Bella to the group!!! She is really good at singing. I think that this would be a fun movie to see with a group of friends or for a girls night.