Okay, I know that for someone who doesn’t like to bake I sure love posting recipes! It’s true though. I do not like baking because most of the batter ends up in my mouth anyway and it makes me feel sick. 

 I also have little amount of patience… Most of the time I get my mom to bake. Muffins filled with love and deliciously homemade; my favourite 🙂 But put all that aside, I love trynig new things! Especially if the recipe happens to be easy and heathy. Here is something I found last week on Pintrest.


Firstly, line your pan with wax paper. This pan is 11×16 inches. (A jelly roll pan)


Next carefully pour some yoghurt into the pan and spread it evenly across. The flavour I used was plain and if I was to make this again I would probably use vanilla so that this snack isn’t a bit tart. 


After that was finished I spread some mixed berry jam throughout the pan to add more flavour. 

To add the final touch I cut up strawberries (you can use whatever fruit you desire) and placed them equally throughout the pan making sure every square bit got some. 


Then put your dish int the freezer for a few hours or until frozen, cut into squares and eat! 


This makes a great afternoon snack for after school or summer because it cools you down and gives you energy!! If you tried out this fun recipe email us and tell us what you think! 

Thanks <3 




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