Yes, you read that right. This is oil extracted from the meat of a coconut. Coconut oil is used for many things. It is one of the few foods you call a “superfood”. It contains some saturated fatty acids that have positive effects on health. This includes fat loss and better brain function. 

Firsty, you can eat it. I personally do not like the taste but it does whiten your teeth if you keep it in long enough and add a bit of baking soda. 

2. You can use it on your skin to help take away dark spots and under eye circles. I have read that if you rub a little on your skin and let it soak in, your skin absorbs all the healthy oil that it needs.

3. Did you know that coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover and moisturizes your skin? Well, now you do! All you need is to take a bit on your finger and rub it into your skin then using a facecloth or paper towel, gently rub your makeup off.

4. Hair mask. While you are in the shower just use this oil as a conditioner. Leave it in for a minute or two then rinse out. 

5. Cooking oil alternative. This healthy ingredient can be used as a vegetable cooking oil substitute or any oil actually. It is healthier and contains good fats that is an essential for your skin. 

6. Say goodbye to chapped lips! Coconut oil is here to save the day. Not only does this hydrate your lips but it also gives them a little shine 😉

7. Lastly, coconut oil can be used as a cuticule softener. With its moisturizing powers this oil is great for your nails. Just dab some oil onto your finger and rub into the cuticules. The lubricant will strengthen your nails as well as hydrate them, making your hands look more youthful. 

Thank you for reading these beauty tips and we hope you read next weeks posts! <3


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