I missed you guys so much. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to write last week I was really busy but I am back now! Todays blog post I am going to show you how to make a cute and simple D.I.Y. and some other good ideas to keep in mind so that your mom feels special. Ok. This diy is something that I found on pinterest and thought that the colours and theme matched my mom’s style. It was the first letter on her name using sticks. I also spiced it up by making some sparkly dip dyed feathers.

What you will need to make the letter is:

~A bunch of sticks

(If you have a tree this will be easy but if you don’t ask a neighbour)


(make sure that it is strong enough to hold the sticks together)

~A base for the sticks

(I glued my sticks to canvas but paper would work too)


(to cut the stick to the right length)

~A pencil 

(to outline your letter)

~Paint (optional)

(if the wood look doesn’t suite your house decor you can paint the sticks)

To make the feathers:


(I found mine at my local craft store but they are a bit tricky to find)


(to make sure that the glitter sticks to the feather*only the top half*)

~A paint brush

(to paint on the glue)


(to dip the glue coated feather in)

I thought that it was just really cute and easy. If you want to make the craft even more personal like I did you can add a little note to the back of it. 


Other things to make your mother feel special on mothers day are to give her breakfast in bed. This shows her that right at the start of the day you are thinking of her. Get her some pretty flowers! Make sure she gets what she wants to eat for her special day. Just make her feel special and if something goes wrong just remember it is what is on the inside that counts!



Written by Vienna