My mom and I were scrolling through Pintrest and found this super cute DIY for spring. To be honest I only made like 5 of these flowers because I’m horrible at crafts. These flowers took about 7 minutes each to make and you can put them as a center-piece or even give them to your mom for Mother’s Day!  It cost about $6 for all the supplies to make 3 vases full of flowers.Here’s how you make them.


First you will need:


  • tape 
  • old magazines
  • skewers
  • scissors
  • vase
  • green floral tape




Step 1: Carefully rip out a colourful page from an old magazine and fold it in half hot-dog ways.


Step 2: Fold one side in to the middle and then the other side to the crease you just made. 


Step 3: Next, take the scissors and cut close to the fold line.



Step 4: Tape the skewer to the inside edge of the paper and start rolling. Tape the end in place when it’s all rolled up like a flower.


Step 5: Starting at the top, wrap the bottom of the flower, with the green floral tape, where you can see the bottom edge and start taping down the skewer.


Step 6: Shape the flower how you like and place it in a vase 🙂 




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