Online Shopping&Deals


Over these last few years I have picked up some really good online deals. Most of the time I don’t like to shop unless I can get a deal there. If I don’t find a deal online I would rather go offnline and not have to pay for shipping. Have you ever seen how much shipping can cost in Canada? I have had to pay about $50 once, never doing that again!


Deal #1: Starbucks Birthday drink. If you don’t know already if you register a gift card online you can get a free drink on your birthday. I know this isn’t totally online shopping but it is a good deal to know about.


Deal #2: Sephora Birthday pack. At sephore of you sign up to be a beauty insider (it’s free) in the month of your birthday you can pick one of the gift options. Then they will send it to you. This will cost a bit of shipping so while you’re at it just buy a few more things to make it worth your while.


Deal #3: 50% off and free shipping. The reason that I found the site Tobi was because it has some really fun bohemian pieces that some youtubers bought for Coachella. On you first order at Tobi you get 50% off your whole perchase and get free shipping. I was so excited to find this store!


Deal #4: Email. At most online stores they will ask you for your email. I like to give mine to them. I have an extra email that I will give them or I have a special folder in my regular email for them. When you get emails from these online stores they sometimes give you special promotions that most people wouldn’t get.
There are so many online deals. Sometimes ypu have to scavenge around for them snd sometimes they are right in the open. Just dont give up and keep looking.