25 Facts About Me


Vienna and I were thinking that we should tell you guys a little more about ourselves. I was on youtube the other day and noticed some ’50 facts about me’ tags and decided that was too many ๐Ÿ˜‰  So heres 25 random facts about me! 

1. I’m blonde. And I don’t just mean the hair colour. Sometimes I’m a dumb blonde ๐Ÿ˜› LOL

2. I love to paint my nails

3. I have been doing track&field for like 5 years now

4. I get really inspired by watching youtubers and reading other blog posts

5. I have 2 younger sisters

6. My dog died last month at 14 years old <3

7. I watch the youtuber Blogilates and do her pilates workouts :0

8. I’m a Christian

9.  My favourite number is 2

10. I love striped shirts

11. Shopping is life but only if I have money $$

12. My favourite colour is pink

13. My eyes are green

14. I have a cat named Waffles and used to have one named Syrup but he died ๐Ÿ™

15. I am a girly-girl but I love to exercise 

16. I dont really like chocolate (SUGAR IS LIFE)

17. Smoothies are my favourite drink

18. I’m actually not that into makeup but I wear it everyday (simple like mascara&cover up)

19. I love fruit

20. My family travels alot

21. I have been on 4 missions trips so far <3

22. My favourite singer is TSwift

23. I like to eat but I dont like to cook -_-

24. I have never had a boyfriend ( and I’m not desperate either, God has a plan.)

25. I play piano.