Spring D.I.Y

I know that I am a few days late but I was just having such a relaxing time on vacation but here I am now! So in the spring time I always find it soooo much fun to decorate my room even more than the other seasons. Is that wierd? Anyways I have really needed a pencil holder in my room and I am to cheap to go out and buy one so I decided that it would be fun to make one! It was really spur of the moment but all the supplies were easy to get.

One makeup sponge. I actually used a sponge because I couldn’t find a paint brush. It had a really cool affect but you could just use a paint brush if you don’t have a makeup sponge around.

Paint. You can’t paint anything if you dont have paint. I used white to go with the theme of my room but you can use whatever colour you want.

A Jar. This is what I used for my pencil holder but you can use whatever you want. Another idea if you can’t find a jar around you can use an old can and take the lable off to paint it. I also painted on the outside of the jar and it gave it a matte look. If you are wanting something more shiny you could paint the inside. Painting the inside is a bit harder but it lookes really nise and polished.

Newspaper. In my picture I used plastic wrap because I don’t get the newspaper. This is just to make sure that your work surface doesn’t get paint on it.

Glitter. This is totally optional but I thought that it would be fun to add a bit of sparkle. The glitter that I used also gave it a fun bumpy look that I thought was cool.

Ribbon. This is also optional but I thought that my jar just needed something to complete it and that is just what I did.

I hope you like this diy. If you try it out share it with use on facebook or instagram.  Till next time, adios!