I just have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. It was action packed with bits of humor. I would have to say that there is quite a bit of violence in the movie. So if you don’t enjoy violence I would not recommend Insergent. Four, Caleb, and Peter were as good looking as ever I might add. There was a short scene with Tobias and Tris that I think they should not have added but that might just be because of my Christian view on things. They show what is leading up to them making love. I also think that some of the swearing was unnecessary but what movie doesn’t have unnecessary swearing these days. Over all I thought it was a great movie and I hope that they will make Alliegent into a movie. Though I havent read the book in a while I don’t think that they totally followed the plot to a “t” but I can’t say for sure. Overall it was a well made movie with lots of great action shots. Fourtris all the way!!!! Until next week See ya!


Written by Vienna