My Favourite Youtubers


During spring break so far, I have been watching lots of movies, netflix and youtube videos so I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite youtubers. One of my absolute favourites lately has been Zoella. She is super fun and pretty and I love her personality! Zoe has been very sucessful in life with her book and her chanel and #zalfie is tots adorbs 😉  I recently watched all her newer videos and her hair is always flawless and her makep is on point. All I have to say is shes practically perfect. Second would have to be Maybaby aka Meg DeAngelis. I love her and Alex together #malex <33 they are so cute and perfect for each other and if you havent watched the Royal Crush episodes that they filmed with Awesomeness tv you are seriously missing out! Next Stilabae09 (Meredith Foster) is one of my favourites because she is creative and stylish and really reaches out to all the ages of her viewers. She is funny and I just love watching her videos 🙂 Another youtuber I like is Maddi Bragg aka madisenrosebeauty1. I have been wathcing alot of her videos lately and I love how genuine she is and young and relatable. Maddi is super cute and stylish and one of my new style icons I would say. And last but not least Blogilates (Cassey Ho).  I love watching Blogilates’ videos and doing pilates with her. Pilates is very good for your core and strengthening your muscles also, it incerases your cardio. Cassey is my inspiration and helps me stay fit! I even force my family into exercising with me sometimes and they think its super hard LOL. So yeah, these are my top 5 favourite youtubers right now. If you don’t know them-you should check them out!!