Travel Necessities


In my neck of the woods it is now spring break! I am going away on holidays so I thought it would be a fun idea to tell you my favourite things to bring with me on any plane trip!

-sunnies; If you are going somewhere sunny you probably don’t want to be squinting on the way to your hotel when you could be looking at all the places you cold be going.

-Headphones; When that baby in the back of the plane starts crying you can just pull them out and leave all the noise behind you.

-snacks; That airplane food is expensive!!!! If you get your own food before you go to the airport you wont have to pay extra.

-advil; You never know when it could be useful.

-klenex; It could always become useful.

-lip balm; I find that my lips get dry when I am on a plane. If I bring some with me they wont be dry long.

-hair elastics; My hair tends to get staticy right around the middle of the flight. If I bring an elastic along that will never become a problem.

-gum; To keep your breath minty fresh especially if you are meeting someone on the other side.

-a magazine or book; To keep you from being bored in the flight

-a charger; You can use this in the airport if you have a low phone charge.

-journal + pen/pencil; This is optional but it is nice if you want to do a bit of writing.

-don’t forget your phone and/or passport!!!!!!!!

With these items I hope you have to best plane flight possible.