Maze Runner: book vs movie



Okay so first off I loved both the book and the movie but I have some prons and cons comparing the two. First off, last summer I was hearing all about this new book “The Maze Runner” I thought it looked interesting so when my grandpa offered to take me to Walmart I was like YES PLEASE. I read the book that week and then Vienna and I started to obsess over Dylan O’Brien. We went and saw the movie a few weeks later and let me say that it was not my favourite movie. First of all,  Teresa and Thomas didn’t speak to each other through their minds! That was a huge disappointment because they do this throughout the whole book series and how are they going to include all that information in the movie?! And secondly, so many people died and not enough people got out of the maze in order to make the Scorch Trials (second book) work. I was disappointed and wished I watched the movie before I read the book. The Maze Runner book series is amazing though! I love the mystery and love-though it is a little annoying at times and I’m not sure who Thomas should trust and have a crush on lol it still is a really hard book to put down. Vienna and I have been looking up movies with Dylan in them and screenshotting pictures because he is just so hot we cant help it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about look him up right now and watch the Maze Runner movies before you read the fantastic book series.

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