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  • How to: Fall in the Hamptons

    How to: Fall in the Hamptons

    Recently I have really been loving the Hamptons aesthetic for fashion. This aesthetic to me includes lots of flowy pants and sweaters; neutrals and blues, and solid and striped patterned outfits. A very laid back, easy to pair with everything type of style! I have attached a link to my Pinterest board of this aesthetic…


  • My Current Jewelry Inspo for 2023

    My Current Jewelry Inspo for 2023

    If anyone knows me they know I love jewelry and am always wearing rings, earring and necklaces not matter the occasion! I am always looking at what the current jewelry trends are as well as what brands are hot! I think that it is so fun to be able to have different jewelry for different…


  • Hi! I’m Back!!

    Hi! I’m Back!!

    Hey Friends it’s been a while! I don’t think I have posted on here since 2021 but I am back kinda…I don’t know if I will ever come back to posting every week but I want to start trying to post on here a bit more than 2 times every 2 years… Since it has…


  • Last Moments of Summer Favourites

    Here are my recent favourite pieces that I have been wearing! I have been wearing these pieces non-stop on vacation. As summer is coming to a close my wardrobe has drifted back to neutrals and I am not mad about it. I am still into, shorts, bikinis, and cute dresses but I have been toning…


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